An array of children's wear market, so that mothers added a lot of trouble, but now the problem can be solved, because with it - TEREE TREE - tea tree. Personality is unusual today, the mainstream, but the trend will always be past, original is the absolute principle. In order to let children have a unique childhood, fashion designers from South Korea, in addition to exert their own expertise, but also inspire children to play their imagination, use to design, to keep the baby on the fresh route Sweet and cute, simple fresh + sweet, a refreshing combination of trends, the entire product line suddenly emerge, so wonderful brand children's clothing without limits. "TEE TREE - Tea Tree" children's wear design super easy, with simple, this comfortable children's clothing, is the child's favorite, "TEE TREE-Tea Tree" children's clothing without fancy design to earn eyeballs, only cotton Material, with the world trendy fashion, simple and comfortable more attractive. Such outstanding children's wear, has successfully attracted tens of thousands of consumers, "TEE TREE-Tea Tree" children's clothing to green products as a fundamental, natural green fabric to reduce the chemical products to children's skin damage. Dyeing in line with international safety standards. Color to fresh and elegant based, reducing the strong color contrast clothing children's visual damage. Many initiatives, only to create a pure, comfortable, safe and healthy clothing space! "TEE TREE - tea tree" - to create cost-effective fashion children's clothing, fully meet the needs of children of different ages in different regions of China, for the children's childhood Bright colors! Tea tree brand Korean version of the children's clothing are invited to join Web site: http:// Address: Panyu District, Guangzhou City, South Village Dongxing Industrial Zone B Building, third floor

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