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Wanchun pure cowboy design inspiration

It is often asked: How did your inspiration come from?

For this question, I never knew how to answer. I often answered one simple sentence: I don't know, it just came.

Recently I was asked a lot of questions, so I seriously thought about it and wrote down the following text, hoping to be useful to everyone.

When it comes to inspiration, there are roughly two situations: in times of painful search, or inadvertently. The latter is probably more in line with the definition of the word inspiration: you are in a trance or doing something... suddenly! boom! God has given you a wonderful inspiration! Then a masterpiece is produced! However, it was not me who poured cold water. I did not encounter such a good thing. I think that inspiration is actually achieved through hard work, but the way we work hard should be ingenious.

A monkey does not have the inspiration to write "Homer's Epic"; a junior high student does not have the inspiration to write family ethics dramas. It can be seen that inspiration is related to human knowledge and experience. If there is no “information material” that is needed for inspiration in the head, inspiration can never occur – it is difficult for a clever woman to be without rice. So I propose one element of inspiration: knowledge. Including information, experience, information. The more things you know, the easier it will be to create inspiration.

WANCHUN Wanchun Jeans 2014 autumn and winter new listing each counter are sold

However, perhaps you would say: Many people who learn to get rich in five cars have little creativity. Yes, inspiration also needs open mindedness. Many people like to have a sense of satisfaction that “knows everything,” but don’t use their knowledge to create it. This is understandable. Not everyone needs creativity. But to become a cartoonist, this is a must. I call this ability to make connections between information called reiki. Element II: Reiki. This item is somewhat difficult to control, but it will become stronger and stronger if you practice it regularly.

Then you need a direction of effort. Because your knowledge can be combined with innumerable inspirations: from wanting to build a utopia to how to fix a flush toilet. If you want to get creative inspiration, you need to guide your attention to creativity, gradually filter the information you need, and try to figure out one by one. In fact, I guess most people can't find inspiration because they don't know what they want. If you just want to: I want to create a great story! You cannot find inspiration easily, because the direction is not clear. But if you are asked: to do a story about how a cat wants to catch a mouse, and this mouse is clever and always tortured to tease the cat, inspiration is relatively easy to emerge (presumably you have now There are one or two ideas!) The clearer the goal, the easier it is to create inspiration. Because inspiration is actually a solution to one thing: the more you know what you are trying to solve, the easier it will be for you to find a solution. Element 3: Project.

With the above three items, in theory, there should be inspiration, but just as cooking a good dish requires just the same heat, the emergence of inspiration requires you to control the "heat" of the brain. You must focus on the project, but you can't stretch too tight and too irritated, otherwise it's easy to get rid of your mind and can't think of anything. Excessive concentration can make the brain active, but it is often not inspired because Reiki requires a certain amount of space to flow. This is why the solution to the problem usually “emerges” when it is usually rested and relaxed. Must have the ability to regulate their emotions. This is the fourth element: emotional intelligence.

To sum up: When you have enough knowledge and aura, and are asked to do a project, as long as you can control their emotions, inspiration will appear.


WANCHUN Wanchun Jeans 2014 autumn and winter new listing each counter are sold

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