The most common spring is a small jacket with a dress. Although very common, but many girls can not be a very good combination of the two. Beauty color women's clothing 2015 spring new model for everyone under the jacket and skirt to take the United States, so that beauty you always walk in the forefront of fashion.


A small white incense jacket, ultra-short version, slightly profile design, will be more suitable for thin women. This little jacket with a black sleeveless skirt, coupled with a bright flower, beautiful and elegant. Generous and gentle dress gives the left a deep impression.

外套和裙子怎么搭配好看 白色外套搭配示范

Is a white jacket, high-quality fabrics, first-class lines, the outline of the female figure is very charming. This jacket can be used with a small skirt, accompanied by a yellow t-shirt and green skirt, fresh dress, is definitely the eye-catching little lady street.

Pictures from: Women know color

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