What people can become a girl? Naive, brilliant they in this fashion and how to dress themselves? In the complex and simple fashion industry, there is no "careful machine" is difficult to stabilize the heels in the fashion arena. At this time ladies house thrown to them "olive branch."


Lady House will bring you what kind of fashion, Xiao Bian can not say so clear, otherwise it is not attractive. Now Xiaobian 2014 summer fashion to describe the extraordinary ladies fashion house. Since it comes to girls, then pink should be their favorite color, right? Lady house grasping girls heart activity will be the best pink applied to the extreme, pink shirt and pink dresses, and even stockings are pink. Body pink, as long as all the attention is focused on your body?

适合少女穿搭的裙装有哪些  少女们应该怎么装扮自己

Pink is the girl's favorite, but the designer will be particularly classic black and white present in front of them. Black and white mosaic section skirt pants, lace hollow, weak weak sexy, black and white but very generous decent. In the passing of the summer, Lady House that we sent to a different kind of fashion, in the depth of 2014 will be showing what kind of fashion it?

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