Some people pursue the fresh and natural Korean, some people prefer the sweet and pleasant Japanese, but also some people like Europe and the United States alone style personality. No matter what style, suitable for their own is good. However, however, modified Europe and the United States is indeed maverick style.

玛泰迩 - Meitler

Matai Er women with simple design brush strokes to dispel the traditional profile of the traditional women's profile structure, lift the conventional design, planing to complex details, focus on workmanship and version, with a sense of freedom of the line to show the simplest women, The most natural beauty of nature. In the simple design elements, but also integrated into a trace of French romance, to the clothes into the vitality.


Today, in this Xiaobian announced a good news: Matairu women Yunnan Jinghong shop opened! Choose to have a "golden nine silver ten" opened in September, Xiao Bian believe we can also get "bumper harvest."


New store business will be the same as the red carpet covered red words, booming ~ like to wear minimalist but not monotonous style of the girls blessed!

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