Han Lier underwear with product patent advantage, sincere attitude, strong headquarters support in 2011 in the Chinese market, triggered a round of joining the climax, the prospects are excellent. A variety of advantages placed in front of the perfect underwear to join the project.


Han Lier underwear patent advantage lead to join the climax of underwear

1, product advantages: product rich, stylish, elegant fabrics. Successful development of "anti-breast cancer line bra" and applied for a patent!

2, publicity advantages: the company opened in the franchise will be equipped with a large number of promotional materials, the company will be television, the Internet, the media release a large number of ads.

3, sale advantage: As long as there is 100% product quality problems, and bear the cost of transportation due to product quality.

4, the training advantages: headquarters to provide shop training support, the company will send market personnel stationed in training, in-store sales and enhance store sales.

5, investment advantages: the company's strong support for the rear, the industry's original patented product, reasonable and affordable product prices, allowing you to operate worry-free.

6, promotional advantages: We use flexible terminal promotion practices, so that your sales faster.

7, bonus advantages: the better your performance, the greater your purchase, the lower your operating costs, the higher your profit!

8, product development design advantages: We set up a research and design department, hired dozens of underwear design experts specializing in product research and design, endless style, variety, remarkable effect!

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