Once Harry Potter and his flying broom captured innumerable children's hearts. Now, a Cubs riding on a flying broom not only brought immense joy to children, but also gave them wisdom and enlightenment, accompanied by the happy and healthy growth of children. Closely follow the trend of international fashion Japan and South Korea and Europe and the United States style, meaning the humanistic atmosphere of China, fully embodies the children's personality and pop color combination of diversity, filling the true character of children, more childlike and innocence, give the product more aura and culture Connotation. Really highlight the lively, healthy, progressive personality and fashion clever combination! To meet the young parents of children's clothing unique, fashion and high quality sense of the requirements of the leading pop elements, unique fashion trends, high-quality design, low-key gorgeous elegant, thought-provoking clothing contour, etc.!

It`s a new style of Curtain Fabric which our designer`s explored in the middle of 2015. We use polyester twisted yarn in this fabric, which makes it has a better drapes than our regular fabric. Once it comes out, it is quickly be popular with our Euro and American customers, this style of fabric could be used for window curtains and also shower curtains. 

Polyester Shower Curtain WZQ180

New Modern Jacquard European Type Window Curtain Fabric WZQ179

Modern Pattern Curtain WZQ178

Classic Curtain

Classic Curtain,Classical Window Curtain,Classical Jacquard Curtain,Classic Shower Curtains

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