Good time always flies too fast, and finally come National Day small holiday will soon be away from us, but fortunately, the United States and the United States clothes to make up for our wounded heart! What is suitable for wearing clothes after National Day? October which style is more suitable?


Dress is really a year will not be frozen single product, the summer light and cool style, autumn and winter have thick warm style, that October, the weather is cool, long-sleeved models just wear it. Hot Eugen yarn fabric, follow the pace of fashion never stopped, white and yellow stitching is also very eye-catching.


Office workers are ultimately indispensable to the makeup of shirts and small jackets, whether it is a pure white shirt or print style, are very attractive, or with a handsome leather jacket, or elegant small suit, a Fan Yi Jane, a Black and white with very classic.

Picture credit: Lesotho 2014 Fall Winter Collection

PLA Fiber(Core Fiber)

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