Chalcedony is a gem between jade and agate. The color of chalcedony is soft and gentle, which can adjust a person's state of mind, help the owner to calm down, have a good adjustment effect on the human visual system, and at the same time have the function of gathering money, so much value is the value of the chalcedony?

Whether the chalcedony is worth the money is related to many factors, but most of the chalcedony is not worth the money, especially the chalcedony with lower quality. Its price is only between tens of yuan and several hundred yuan.

However, there are some chalcedony with higher quality. Because the quantity is rare, the color is rare, and the quality is higher, their price will be higher, usually between several thousand yuan and several tens of thousands. The price of chalcedony is more than 100,000. rare.

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