Asia's largest and most influential fashion show - the 20th China International Clothing & Accessories Fair (CHIC2012) will be held from March 26 to 29, 2012 in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall). Fujian Baode Group "Mami Maka" children's clothing will be unveiled, by then, "Mami Maka" children's clothing sincere invitation to join friends, guests honored guest, share brand feast, create a new career height, to share the wealth of new world. After years of overall layout of the Chinese market, Mamimaka Kids will make a full-scale effort in 2012, including the research and development of series of products, the further development of channels, the promotion of brand names, the upgrade of terminal images, the building of brand culture and the promotion of marketing services. In order to achieve the brand by leaps and bounds. By CHIC2012 exhibition opportunities, the brand Mammy Maka will be a strong attack, dress appearance, show the brand style of Mammy Maca children's clothing, dealers and industry professionals to understand more about the brand culture and brand style of Mammy Maca, Miramar brand future development and investment value. By then, Mami Maka children's clothing brand will give the majority of channel dealers bring a new round of business, create wealth opportunities.

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