Whether in China or in the West, turquoise has a beautiful meaning. In the West, people think that turquoise can bring auspiciousness and happiness. In ancient China, only the emperor and the queen's hat could be inlaid with turquoise. This is enough to reflect the preciousness of turquoise. In order to allow everyone to buy fake and shoddy products when purchasing turquoise, let's tell you about the natural turquoise identification method.

1. Identifying turquoise has a typical sign feature, which is the iron wire. The natural iron wire is concave, wide and narrow, and twists and turns on the surface. If the turquoise iron wire distribution is too regular, or the depth of the iron wire is very shallow, the skin peeling off and the light colored nuclei are visible at the pit, it is mostly a fake stone.

2. Wipe the turquoise with a cotton ball dipped in ammonia. If it appears to be discolored, it means a dyed stone.

3. Use hot needles to contact the cracks or pits in the turquoise. If you smell the pungent smell when the plastic melts, the turquoise is stationed in the gel.

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