On November 27 this year, the temperature of the country dropped drastically, giving new instructions to the people. For women, the fall of women's singles shoes can not withstand the cold winter. But do not worry, the new listing of winter boots can not only make up for the simple and beautiful autumn shoes, but also to the MM have a lasting warmth. Let us take a look at the charm of the winter boots.

The splicing rough heel boots, the hidden thick waterproof platform and the thick heel design make the shoes more comfortable on the upper leg and the lace design looks very handsome.

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  • Rubber Label 

    the material is regular PVC rubber or silicone , which very populer use on the garment label , luggage tag ,sports bag or shoes , etc 

    2D/3D pvc rubber labels

    1) 3D Silicone label which are made from 100% eco-friendly silicone rubber.
    2) It is good elastic feature which can be sew on the bag, garment, shoes directly.
    3) It is washable.
    4) Color logo which is more striking.
    5) Custom orders for different kinds of size, color, shape are available.
    6) The 3D silicone labels can be sewed or directly stick on your bag, garment, shoes.


    Our products combine the idea of eco-friendly with high-techniques. 

    All the materials are no harm at all and 100% environmental friendly.

    You choose our rubber label products, that means you choose "GREEN and HEALTH" as well.

    Artwork and real samples show  :

    Rubber label

    Applications :

    RUbber label 3

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    Rubber label 4

    Rubber Label

    Rubber Label,Rubber Tag,Customized Rubber Label

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