In the past two or three years, channel providers (agents) in the gift industry seem to be keen to establish large-scale gift stores in the country. It seems that as long as the establishment of a large-scale store can solve all the problems in the channel, it will be able to stand undefeated in the fierce competition. In the land, we found the secret of business success.

The model of Northeast Warm Gift City seems to have given the answer. However, when we carefully study the mode of the Cozy Gift City, we find that there are many details that may be critical, but it may also be overlooked by many channel providers. We will briefly explore from several perspectives to see if we can give some inspiration to the channel traders who are committed to establishing gift shopping malls.

First, does a gift company really need a hypermarket? What is the true function of a regional distributor? I believe that upstream manufacturers, channel distributors, and gift companies have different understandings. However, no matter what perspective you stand on, there is at least one important function of channel providers that cannot be ignored. That is distribution. The hypermarkets should be able to better meet the basic requirements of the upstream manufacturers, gift companies and even the actual demand for gifts because of their strong display, storage, and logistics services. The channel dealers and supermarkets monopolize upstream quality supply resources and distribute channels for high-quality resources to increase the channel and customer's viscosity. Upstream manufacturers are also willing to convert regional demand into concentrated demand, thereby reducing the disorder in production and Inventory risk.

Second, the gift company needs what kind of hypermarket Above we said the industry needs supermarkets, but what exactly does the industry need? Is it the form of a traditional shopping mall, or the form of Gome or Suning? In fact, this issue can be viewed from several perspectives. First, from the perspective of the upstream manufacturers, upstream manufacturers are limited by their own human resources and control of the local market. They need a powerful product display platform and a product storage platform. A product distribution platform, a demand aggregation platform, a product after-sales service platform; followed by the gift company's point of view, gift companies need a product selection platform, a product comparison platform, a small batch of rapid supply platform, and The actual demand for local gifts requires a product-rich experience platform, a professional and efficient service platform, and a trusted security platform.

Third, the existing problems in the current Damai Chang Some channel operators for the pursuit of hypermarkets only stay in the pursuit of the scale, but neglected how to build a real regional marketing model around the Damai Chang. The category planning of products, the analysis of the characteristics of gift companies, and the needs analysis of regional markets do not distinguish between the basic functions of hypermarkets, such as retail functions, distribution functions, direct functions, and service upgrades that focus on large sales venues. In order to fill up the space of the hypermarkets, they randomly picked up the upstream resources, even abandoned the traditional business traditions and turned into riders. As a result, the hardware went up and the expenses went up, but the gift company and the actual needs were found Do not buy it, of course, performance is not much better.

The birth of the gift industry's hypermarkets is in line with the development path of the gift industry, such as Gome and Suning in the home appliance industry, but the gift industry is obviously different from the home appliance industry or other traditional industries. How to combine the number of effective consumers in local cities (whether it be group purchases or individual purchases) to set stores of an appropriate scale, how to select sites, how to increase consumer experience through display, and how to distinguish and associate gift companies and group purchases in categories and pricing As for the demanders and individual buyers, how to carry out business models and service upgrades around hypermarkets... These issues are worthy of consideration. Otherwise, Wangdao will become a dead path.

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