Although March is spring, but the festive and lively atmosphere of the Lunar New Year has not yet dispersed, and tomorrow ushered in the lunar January 15 Lantern Festival, Hangzhou Jie spot clothing [ Tianyi Cloth ] ladies' brand here, I wish you a happy Lantern Festival ! The company will officially start the first lunar January 16, I wish the country's dealers friends started!

The pace of spring is getting closer and closer, and the girls can show off their graceful figure "unscrupulously". Of course, this can not be done without more beautiful spring makeup. Innocent Cloth Spring 2015 new products have been fully listed, welcomed the broad masses of old and new customers to visit the stores across the country to buy.


Wear the early spring, the least is the knit sweater friends. A sky-blue sweater, blink of an eye will be released from your bloated, the color is more relaxed and happy feeling. With a large print dress, 尽显 ladylike style, waist and then use a small belt to modify the waistline and tall figure, whether it is to work or play in the suburbs are very good wear Oh ride.

天衣布品正月十六开工大吉 春季新品已全面上市

Windbreaker is the most common spring and autumn single product, and this jacket draws on the essence of the windbreaker, through the wonderful designer flowers, showing a completely different wearing effect. Bubble short-sleeved cut more in line with the spring wear needs, after the pinch fold design with a bow belt, three-dimensional super. Within the ride can be a simple T-shirt + shorts or skirts, you can easily show the beauty of urban OL's temperament.

Automatic Coding Machine

The coding machine is a device that performs coding and marking operations for the control and control of the color difference of the pieces. It is suitable for marking the pieces of various colors and shapes. It replaces the traditional manual hand-held coders, which can save energy and increase productivity. .

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