Loyer.mod brand apparel design elegance and generous, to grasp the fashion trends, fashionable and unique, smooth lines, color and fabric closely follow the international fashion trends, decent, as the company developed, Loyer.mod now pay great attention to product design details, pay attention Through some small details to modify the lack of individual women's body, to bring women unlimited beauty and inner charm.

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Dress no matter what the season is the girl's favorite, take off the thick coat, dress in the warm spring day set no less. Whether it is lace or chiffon skirt can be lit in the details of the whole body.


Delicate floral skirt with chiffon material, so that you naturally distributed girls elegant and charming. Fresh temperament beauty, always bright spots.


In full of fresh breath of spring, lightweight and suitable for out of the most popular dress. Light cardigan is the most practical single product of this season, relaxed and beautiful and beautiful

Dongguan Yung Yue Garments Co., Ltd. is a collection of product development, production and sales in one of the young and full of vitality apparel companies. We have been looking for up to 5 years of OEM experience, since 2007 the company founded LOYER.MOD brand, the company's innovative management style and advanced customer service philosophy, making LOYER.MOD products, once launched, in the history of e-commerce network will sound Flies, with LOYER.MOD independent product style, stable product quality and service, already has a large group of loyal customers.

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