ebase is a proud brand owned by Baleno Roads Group Limited and has successfully integrated with Baleno's extensive experience in retail development, market promotion and franchising.

Since the beginning of March 2003, ebase has enjoyed steady growth in various regions, including China's major cities such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Changsha, Wuhan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi'an and Northeast China, as well as Hong Kong Etc. As of December 2008, ebase has over 340 self-operated and franchised stores around the world, providing trend-setting apparel to customers in different regions.

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ebase from Japan, South Korea exquisite delicate design style, focusing on the details of clothing processing, pondering stitch, the integration of exquisite original graphic design. Focus on the overall effect in the series, laminated with matching, supplemented by fashion accessories such as handbags, jewelry, to provide customers with one-stop consumer.

After years of innovative attempts and positive developments, ebase won the "2005-2006 China Super Brand Award", more successful ebasegirls series. Whether it is a white-collar workers to work, like casual fashion girls, trend-loving family of sports, ebase can find the heart and water combination.

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When washing, soaking is strictly prohibited, using alkaline washing liquid is strictly prohibited, and tanning is strictly forbidden

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Bask in a way

When air drying, spread the shade dry or hang the shade half, wet plastic or semi-dry plastic, can remove wrinkles, do not insolate under the sun

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