Girls start in their teens and wear underwear almost daily. It can be said that underwear is not only helpful in maintaining the graceful posture of women, but also related to the health of women. How often should the underwear for women's health be changed? What signals remind women should change underwear? Let's take a look together.


Irresistible temptation

First, the chest cup often up Sometimes underwear worn is not good, in gestures, underwear will take the place. This situation is very embarrassing, especially the cup kept moving up. So a lot of MM have to public places are also pull the shirt and the chest. It is very indecent!

There will be a cup to run up, usually because of the bottom edge of your underwear, that is, the iron ring is too loose, more common is not clearly identified at the time of purchase, resulting in underwear size selection mistakes, too shallow chest cup , Can only float like a plate on your chest. So when you raise your hand, underwear will naturally follow up.

女人如何挑选自己的内衣 挑选内衣需要注意什么

Second, the straps often fall

There may be two reasons for this phenomenon, first, underwear is too small too loose, easy to slip off after moving up. Second, choose the wrong shoulder strap style. Each person's shoulder type is different, there are wide shoulders, narrow shoulders, flat shoulders, shoulders and so on.

Shoulder suitable for different styles are also different, such as shoulder cut people should pay special attention to underwear shoulder strap design can not be too lateral, to choose those adduction type design, so that it is not easy to slide down.

Third, the shoulder strap is too narrow, too loose

You know, the vast majority of the chest to enhance the shoulder to complete, so the wider shoulder strap, pull the stronger the better.

Too thin strap is purely decorative, play pulling force is minimal. Over time, your beautiful and firm chest will certainly sag, which is not alarmist.

Fourth, the chest has indentation

Undertake a underwear, the chest clearly marked the road rim, which shows underwear cups choice is too small. You know, the rim is like a frame, this should fit the chest contour, and then give it a supporting force, but if the pressure is too small on the chest, it will cut the same as the original tofu chest fat Go out, the breast will become smaller and smaller. You know, breast 70% of the ingredients is fat, reduced fat, naturally, the chest will shrink

女人如何挑选自己的内衣 挑选内衣需要注意什么

Five, Le back marks

This is also a very intuitive question, usually indicating that the bottom is too tight and needs to be enlarged in size. Or the bottom is too narrow, easy to get in, resulting in Le marks. To try to wear those bra straps widened. To increase support and stability, and secondly, to spread and balance fat.

女人如何挑选自己的内衣 挑选内衣需要注意什么

Six, cup too empty or too chest pressure

Empty description cup is too large, chest compression chest cup is too small, at a glance. Occurrence of these two conditions, indicating that this underwear is not suitable for you, please do not hesitate to discard it. If you find yourself having these problems, then immediately go find some really professional lingerie shop to re-purchase, at least to find out exactly what size to wear bras in the end is appropriate. Experts suggest that women need to re-body every three months to adjust according to their own body to set up new suitable underwear. Even the usual care and respect, the average life expectancy of an underwear should not exceed 10 months, regular updates are necessary to protect the health.

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