South Korea ROEM Luo Yan women's 2015 winter fashion color with a single product recommendation. Gentle and soft chroma, light and elegant appearance. Re-embedded in the thoughtful craftsman's mind, this is the fashion mood that ROEM wants to express. Rich and delicate, elegant and charming.

Elegant saturation: soft warm yellow

The warm and graceful warm yellow, classic stylish neatness coat, concise and powerful yet maintains an intimate and elegant style. The gas field is soft and lively and pretty. The whole person looks young and spirited.

Elegant saturation: warm white

A large area of ​​beaded decoration brings a noble touch to the gentle warm touch. The soft chromaticity blends with the fashionable and pretty amiable temperament and reveals the romantic and refined uniqueness and gracefulness.

Elegant Saturation: Elegant Light Gray

It is difficult to hide the modern houndstooth half skirt, with a warm and sensual color to release the romantic sensibility. Pair it with a warm, warm sweater and easily create a stylish, stylish look.

Elegant color: gentle taste

Details of the space are enriched, because the warm pink color is vivid and the whole shape is light and flexible, and the sweet atmosphere is instantly felt.

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