For any kind of thin clothing, are likely to be found in female groups, and then according to their own, as their own shameless weapon. Most people think stripe is the most significant elements can be thin, some people say that black is very thin, there are saying that the wave is thinner, so in the end what elements are thin? Xiao Bian today recommended for you is black and white plaid and black and white stripes, by the fact that which is more lean, witness the miracle together.


Here are two black and white Check their own strengths and weaknesses, the left figure is a black and white Plaid suit, three-dimensional cut with purple and white clothing, or to reflect the petite figure, and the right is a black and white checked package hip dress, a Small purple suit outside the ride, bumpy and slender waist one by one show.


Plaid thin effect we all see, then black and white stripes it? Figure left is black and white vertical stripes package hip skirts with blue blue bee waist skirt, was thin effect is obvious. Figure right is black and white vertical striped suit jacket, with office workers often wear white shirts and casual pants, really a line Lang Lang visible.

Photo source: Water Niannual women's clothing

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