Professors using nanotechnology to make socks can cure athlete's foot

Professors using nanotechnology to make socks can cure athlete's foot

At the just-concluded 11th "Challenge Cup" National College Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Competition, Wu Zhixiang and other three students from the School of Textile and Garment Engineering of Suzhou University applied for the work of silk fabric in situ nano-ecological dyeing. And the function finishing" won the special prize, not only realized the historical breakthrough of Su Da in this event, but also showed a new concept of dyeing and finishing - nano ecological dyeing and finishing technology.
The greatness of mankind lies in understanding nature and imitating nature. Zheng Min said that this project is to use the colorful non-ferrous ore coloring theory in nature to synthesize colored nanoparticles in situ on silk with independent innovation patent technology. To achieve zero wastewater discharge, change the way of printing and dyeing wastewater at the end, and give silk antibacterial, anti-UV, flame retardant and other functions while coloring silk, giving a new concept of dyeing and finishing of traditional textiles, and is environmentally friendly. The type of printing and dyeing processing technology is a technological revolution of silk dyeing and finishing, with obvious social and economic benefits.
Another use of silk fabric in situ nano-ecological dyeing and functional finishing techniques is to make Sunat anti-foot socks. This kind of socks adopts the original original technology, which gives the ordinary textiles a magical anti-fecal function and fills the gap in the world. In April this year, Zheng Min sent Sunat anti-foot-socks to the National Textile Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for inspection. The test results showed antibacterial properties of over 95%, and the safety performance was also very good with no side effects. At present, more than 100 people have tried on this kind of socks, and the trial-through effect is unexpectedly good. These athlete's foot patients have all recovered.
Silk fabric in-situ nano-ecological dyeing and functional finishing technology is a breakthrough achievement of the team of Associate Professor Zheng Min of Suzhou University after eight years of research. Last year, Associate Professor Zheng Min used a nano-dyed silk to make a batch of scarves for the girls of the Su Da Textile Institute. The amazing thing happened. Li Liling, a 2008-level student, had a long-lasting redness on her neck for two weeks. The miraculous disappearance, Li Liling will be red and swollen on the neck and arms every autumn and winter, and many hospitals have been running for many years.
Well, there was no improvement. In order to help her treat the redness and swelling on her arm, Zheng Min used this material to help her make two sleeves. Soon Li Liling’s arm was completely restored. In Zheng Min’s words, this The effect is purely "accidental discovery." In addition, these silk scarves have not found side effects for nearly a year. zJTnypZ
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