Curtains play an increasingly important role in modern homes. They not only soften the hard lines of the interior space, but also give the home life a different style. When selecting curtains, it is necessary not only to work hard on the texture of the curtains, but also to ignore the matching of the curtains with the surrounding environment, so that the materials and space functions are combined. When selecting curtains, there is a saying: "When you look at the space and look at the material," what kind of space is suitable for the curtains of what material, such as: what material should be used in the restaurant, what is used in the living room, how to choose the bedroom, etc. All of us should carefully consider the selection of curtain materials.

Restaurant articles

In modern society, curtains have coexisted with our space. It is dotted with our life. It is the embodiment of the master's taste. There are many kinds of curtains. When choosing curtains, we need to consider the space function of the room, light and season, etc., of course, curtains. The material is also an important consideration.

In today's curtain market, curtains can be roughly divided into two categories: finished curtains and fabric curtains. Fabric curtains are the most widely used and most traditional curtains. There are also many materials for fabric curtains. From the material, they can be roughly divided into cotton, hemp, yarn, satin, flocking, bamboo, rayon, etc. Cotton and linen are commonly used materials for curtains, easy to wash and replace.

Although the restaurant is not as thick as the kitchen, but because the restaurant is a long-term dining space, sometimes there are some fumes, so it is also necessary to use curtain materials such as cotton, hemp, and rayon that are easy to wash and replace. In addition, the restaurant does not belong to a private space like a bedroom. Try to use some warm colors. The curtains with simple styles will be better. For example, yellow and orange can increase appetite, white has a very clean feeling, etc. These colors are all A good choice when choosing restaurant curtains.

In the choice of materials for the curtains in the restaurant, if the restaurant space is not exposed to the sun, you don't need to choose too thick material, or a layer of tulle, to add a touch of atmosphere to the dining environment. The yarn-quality curtains are highly decorative, have good light transmission performance, and can enhance the depth of the space. They are generally suitable for use in the living room or balcony. They can also be used in restaurants, winter, outdoor warm sunshine, and transparent gauze. The restaurant conveys warmth and warmth.

Living room

The living room is the place where the family receives the guests and the family gathers together. Therefore, when choosing the curtains, we should pay attention not only to the layering and decoration of the curtains, but also to consider whether it is in harmony with the main identity and the sofa accessories in the living room. The curtains in the living room are the embodiment of the owner's taste, so it is necessary to give people a generous, bright and spacious feeling.

The living room is a very important part of the home decoration. There are more glass in the living room. Therefore, in the material selection of the curtain, you can use the curtains with better anti-UV and heat insulation effect. In the style, you can choose the floor curtain for the living room. The curtain will visually give people a visual enjoyment of the atmosphere. In addition, the curtains of the living room should be selected from the material of the living room, such as materials and colors, in order to achieve the unity of the overall atmosphere.

In the choice of fabrics for curtains, curtains of different textures can produce different decorative effects. The living room is a space that pays attention to the decorative effect. Therefore, the curtains in the living room can select some luxurious and beautiful fabrics, such as velvet, jacquard fabric, satin, etc. It gives a feeling of grace and elegance. You can also choose some fabrics that are slightly warmer, such as plaid fabric, corduroy, and earthen cloth. These curtains are more decorative and have good light transmission, which can visually enlarge the sense of space in the living room. For example, the living room curtains use a more delicate material such as velvet, which can be sent to the dry cleaners during cleaning to extend the life of the curtains with the most professional washing methods.

Bedroom articles

For a family, the bedroom is a privately demanding area, so the choice of curtains in different areas needs to vary from room to room. In the living room, we can choose a piece of fabric that is transparent, while the bedroom uses thicker fabric.

When purchasing the curtains of the bedroom, the decoration is not as important as the living room. The first thing to consider is the influence of the curtain material on people's lives. The texture of the curtains is preferably flocking, cotton and linen. In general, the thicker the curtains, the better the sound absorption. If you want to have a comfortable sleeping environment, it is best to choose a shaded curtain for the bedroom. You can choose rayon or blended fiber, which is hard, easy to wash and durable, and has strong shading. In addition to these, there are also relatively fine materials such as satin and flocking, which have better shading and sound insulation effects. If you want to create a smooth, refreshing feeling for the bedroom, you can choose the window screening. The window screening is strong and the shading is poor. In the outside of the bedroom, because of the long-term pulling of thick curtains, it will affect the natural lighting, so you can put two in the bedroom. The combination is used, so it is recommended to use double curtains in the bedroom. It can reflect the overall style of the bedroom and protect the privacy of the bedroom.

When consumers choose the curtains in the bedroom, they should pay special attention to the selection of materials, because the bedroom is the place for people to rest and sleep. When buying, you should be careful of the formaldehyde in the curtains. How can you buy formaldehyde? First of all, smell odor: If the product emits a pungent odor, there may be formaldehyde residue, it is best not to buy. Secondly, when selecting the color of the curtains, it is advisable to purchase light shades, so that the risk of formaldehyde and dyeing fastness is lower. In addition, in the selection of the variety of curtains, we must be cautious when purchasing fabrics and curtain products that are anti-shrinkage, anti-wrinkle, soft, flat and so on. Sometimes, in the process of making, it is inevitable that some formaldehyde will remain on the fabric. Therefore, consumers should first use the leeches and air-drying before purchasing the curtains, including the sheets.

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