In the traditional Chinese concept, the words "clothing, food, shelter and transportation" cover all aspects of life, and the rankings of "clothing" bear the brunt, and the importance of garments in people's life can be seen. Today, the clothing has gone far beyond the basic functions of such as the shame, the warmth of the cold, fashion, comfort, expression of lifestyle more and more meaning pour into them, children's clothing, the consumer groups is particularly special clothing product line, it is devoted parents The desire for the healthy growth of children and the preparation of a beautiful future. Fashion children's clothing brand since its inception will be the child's future as the basis for the operation of the brand positioning "fashion children's clothing, the first brand", and the introduction of the brand in the domestic market, practicing the concept of practicing the brand. Well-known children's clothing brand "fashion fish" in 2001 by the Philippine-Hsun Trading Co., Ltd. introduced into the country and exercise exclusive rights in the country, the company was founded in 1998, mainly engaged in children's wear, children's shoes and accessories design, production and sales. Since its establishment, the moment to "let the children grow up in confidence" for the concept of direct sales stores and franchise stores using two advanced sales model to expand the market, the target sales network throughout the country, the number of stores / counters reached more than 300 . Over the years fashion fish precipitation of a group of highly educated professional and precise core talents, the brand was - apparel industry associations agree, the State Quality Supervision (CQGC) key promotion units. In the process of more than 10 years of operation of children's wear operation, Feixun Trading Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich market experience and keen observation on the market conditions. Therefore, it has also been considered carefully when seeking to cooperate with distributors, Children's clothing is a deep understanding and understanding of the industry. First, children must be concerned about the healthy growth and love of children's clothing business in the local market has a good network of contacts, understand the status of children's wear and industry, with a certain degree of economic strength, brand management philosophy, mature customer groups, the company's business model; To be fully engaged in management, in line with the company's operation and management model, and timely feedback of market information, and the company with a total of breathing the same fate; re-joined distribution partners in the company to adopt a unified ordering system. In the unified management of the parent company, but also for the development of franchisees to give their own development of different degrees of personal support: the head office to give distribution partners certain transfer rate or return rate; to give distribution support shop shelves props support; distribution partners to order Certain amount of purchase, the company give some rebate support; join the fashion fish exempt brand franchise fee. In addition, the head office will also provide assistance services for franchising agents. The Company dispatches point-to-point regional managers and market supervisors to assist dealers in assisting dealers in various operations and sales (eg, market management , Maintain the market, expand the market, open an appointment, skills training, etc.), quarterly new ads advertising materials and holiday promotions in accordance with the season and store uniforms distribution according to the proportion of distribution; Corporation free store ( Cabinet) unified image of the design decoration; head office distribution partners in the local promotional activities or outdoor advertising after the field visit to give support. In the future, the potential of the children's wear market is unpredictable. Choosing a strong brand of children's wear is a bright future for choice. The beginning of a beautiful young fashion fish, a new journey of elegant life - confidence in the future.

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