Extra! Extra! Slaman Senmen brand children's clothing Huizhou Jiangbei Li 日新店 grand opening it! 2015 autumn and winter new children's clothing is also listed will be presented in the store for you, the new store opening surprises, discount everything, as long as you come to Senmen children's clothing Jiangbei Liri Xindian, quality service and clothing will not let you down ! Bright and spacious store design, in the unique design of lighting effects more atmospheric fashion sense, the store does not have a special personalized design, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere for adults and children can feel Sen door Believe every customer love, I believe this Senmen children's clothing store performance must be very impressive. Slaman Sen door to create a light fashion children's clothing brand, children's clothing market in this competitive accumulation gradually gain a firm foothold, with their own efforts to develop more and more rapidly, not only parents are a good choice but also become more dealers to join the good Brand, a good reputation and a sound mode of operation, Senmen and franchisee to win the common development of wealth! Now let us also congratulate Senmen children's wear new store, business is booming, financial resources get in!


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