Lead: The organza material was originally used in wedding dresses. Due to the lightness and goodness of the organza, it was gradually designed into the clothes. In 2014, it wanted to be light and warm, and of course there was a single piece of organza. . Organza hem clothes, perspective light and full range of children.

2014春装流行欧根纱 透视轻盈仙范儿(图1)

The stitching of short T-shirts and organza skirts is very small. The T-shirts are very clean and fresh. The style is very close to the girl's style. The puffy organza skirt is sweet and lovely. Here you can take a white pants.

2014春装流行欧根纱 透视轻盈仙范儿(图2)

Babydoll is best suited for warm spring wear. The puffy sleeves are sweeter. The hem is an organza design. The tulle skirt is sacred, and a gray leggings with a matching color is used to make it even more charming.

2014春装流行欧根纱 透视轻盈仙范儿(图3)

This fake two-piece dress consists of a short T-shirt and an organza dress. The pink short T-shirt is very suitable for the early summer atmosphere. The organza dress is lined with a middle and high neckline with a floral pattern and is light and pretty.

2014春装流行欧根纱 透视轻盈仙范儿(图4)

The lightly-wrenched, organza top features a shirt collar and a distinctive print motif. The organza hem of the cake layer adds sweetness, and a silver-print leggings reveals a ladylike style.

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