Spring is coming, men should also be ready for new clothes, how to wear clothes in spring is more young, how to match more dynamic? McCarthy Fashion Men 2014 spring and summer new to teach you! College Wind West + White Trousers Red Plaid suit has the flavor of college wind, is the most simple and effective reduction of single-product. Take the white shirt inside is very harmonious, white slacks make this one looks less depressed, while adding a bright feeling. Fashion Printed Shirts + Slim Trousers This combination is great if your work requires you to be formally formal, but you do not want to be too old fashioned. Upper body is still very distinctive shirt, formal atmosphere full of fashion, lower body can choose to cultivate black trousers, you are definitely the focus of fashion in the office! Stylish single + West + bright shirt Young fashion bold mix of green and yellow intertwined spring color! This fresh color is a bright spot, the spring atmosphere from the inside out, with light-colored texture trousers, destined to reduce the best choice for men!

Flat Knitting Jacquard

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