How about the old Fengxiang diamond ring? Why is the old Fengxiang diamond ring so expensive? Lao Fengxiang is a well-known jewelry brand in China. The old Fengxiang diamond ring shines with fascinating brilliance. It is a diamond ring that many women love. Everyone knows that Lao Fengxiang is an old brand in China. Lao Fengxiang has more than 100 years of history and culture.

Lao Fengxiang is the only one-year-old shop in China that has been passed down from one and a half centuries ago. Shanghai Laofengxiang Co., Ltd. was founded by the development of Laofengxiang Yinlou, which was founded in 1848. The creativity of its trademark “Laofengxiang” is also derived from the name of Laofengxiang Yinlou.

Laofengxiang diamond ring

Lao Fengxiang business philosophy

"Old brand, new style, fine craftsmanship, good reputation" is the consensus of consumers on the old Fengxiang brand. All of this comes from Lao Fengxiang's innovative business philosophy, strict quality management system, perfect silver building management standards and complete ten characteristic services.

"Marketing innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, mechanism innovation." Lao Fengxiang has inherited and carried forward the excellent tradition and excellence of enterprise development in the past century and a half. On the one hand, it has won the trust of consumers with good reputation, exquisite craftsmanship, high-quality products and dedicated service; Explore the new materials, new products, new technologies and high value-added “three new and one high” roads in the jewellery industry, and achieved a double harvest of business performance and brand building.

How about the old Fengxiang diamond ring?

The old Fengxiang diamond ring is a well-known diamond ring brand in China. The diamond ring price market has always been chaotic. The price of the famous brand diamond ring has not changed much, such as Chow Tai Fook, Lao Fengxiang, Kimberly, Aideil and Tiffany. However, due to its brand, the price seems to be more expensive than the average market price.

Lao Fengxiang is a domestic old-fashioned jewelry store, and Lao Fengxiang's diamond ring is very popular among girls because of its fine workmanship and exquisite style. Lao Fengxiang is not only famous for his brand, but Lao Fengxiang is also perfect in the design of the ring. The meaning of the old Fengxiang diamond ring is very beautiful. However, the price of the diamond ring is expensive. When Zhao Yazhi became the spokesperson of Laofengxiang brand jewelry, when the sales form of the jewelry industry is more and more optimistic about it, when people's purchasing power is getting higher and higher, we can't rule out the possibility that the price of the old Fengxiang diamond ring will be higher.

Why is the old Fengxiang diamond ring so expensive?

Mainly because of the brand effect of Lao Fengxiang. The proportion of publicity fees is higher, and brands must have their own designers. The design fees must take up a certain proportion. The workmanship is also more elaborate than the average online store and professional market stores.

In addition, the sales model will also affect the price. The traditional sales model from diamond wholesale - jewelry inlay - jewelry wholesale - sellers - specialty stores, shopping malls, each brokerage link will have some profit, the brand store's joining fee, the commission to the mall is a big expense.

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