After the college entrance examination is over, it is the wish of many students to let go of all the rules and play. However, Baodi Home Textile Health Consultant reminds you that this kind of practice is not advisable. After the college entrance examination, it should be moderately compensated and restored to a good state. Carnival should also be relaxed.

Baodi Home Textile: After the college entrance examination, moderately make up, don't let the carnival destroy the health

At the end of the exam, no matter how good the performance is, the result is a foregone conclusion. Candidates and parents may experience various emotional reactions, some of which are normal and some of which are morbid. If necessary, it is recommended to seek help from a school counselor or a professional psychologist. It should be known that sleep has become "unswerable" because of the long preparations. If you continue to deprive you of sleep due to excessive play, it may lead to complete problems with sleep, which in turn increases the fluctuation of various unstable emotions.

Baodi Health Consultant recommends that after the end of the college entrance examination, it is necessary to moderately compensate, sleep until you wake up naturally, and then start to arrange the next "moderate carnival program." According to the characteristics and conditions of each person, we can adopt a buffering method suitable for ourselves and make a smooth transition.

Pillar Candles are suitable for Christmas, party, wedding, festival, church, home decoration, atmosphere building and etc.

Light a candle,happiness is never ending,light two candles,joyfulness is always shining.When all the candles are lit,tomorrow will be full of infinite hope.The auspicious light will surround you forever.


 1.  Material: High quality paraffin wax

 2.  Color: Multi-colored, white, red, yellow, blue, green etc

 3.  Burning time: Long time burning time

 4.  Scent: Scented or unscented according to customer`s request

 5. Size:According to customer`s request

 6. Delivery time:Usually 15-20days against the receipt of customer`s deposit

      (exact time according to customer`s quantity)


Using Instruction

1.Candles must be able to sit in a horizontal position of the lamp/burner fashion and stable at a horizontal position .

2.If burning many candles together,need to leave some distance between candles.

3.Don`t put the candles in the wind

4.Avoid direct sunlight and away from flammable materials.

5.Keep awasy from children and pets


Pillar Candle For Decoration PillarBall Pillar Candle For PartyCandle For Religious


Q: What is the price of candles?

A: Pls inform us the specification or the candle pictures, then a detailed quotation will be sent to you.

Q: Could I buy 1 pcs or 1 cartons as a sample or small order first?

A:We are honored to send you samples for quality check. especailly for the new customers.


   For delivery time, 10-20days after comfirm the sample order


Q;Could I put out logo the candles?

A: Sure, if do your own logo, MOQ is 1000pcs.

Q: How could I know your quality of candles?

A: We have passed the CO, CCPIT, CIQ, CE, SONCAP, SGS certification.  Every product will be fully assembled and carefully tested before it's packed for shipment.

Q: Could we have other payment terms, such as paypal, cash or others?

A: Yes, you can choose the payment term depands on the quantity.

Our Advantages

 Quality Assurance

    --From the very beginning, we ensure quality in every step to achieve the best quality.


    Customized Solution

    --According to your requirement, we bring you a flexible proposal and customized solution.


    Global Service

    --Wherever you are, our global network will support and provide you with value.


    Quick Response

    --In response to your needs without delay, we know the value of your time.

Custom scented candle


Pillar Candles


Paraffin Wax


Pink, White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Or According To Customer`s Request.


D 5CM, 7CM, 7.5CM, 

H7.5,10,12.5/15,16CM  Or According To Customer`s Request.


1000 Pcs


apple cinnamon, apple jolly rancher, apple pie,  banana nut bread, cherry, cinnamon spice, 

cucumber & cantaloupe, cucumber melon, Or According To Customer`s Request.


Home, Office, Hotel,Bar,Church And So On


24Pcs/Carton,36Pcs/Carton, 48Pcs/Carton Or According To Customers Request.

Delivery time

10-15days(according to customer`s order quantity)

Payment term

T/T, , Western Union


Pillar Candles

Pillar Candles,Pillar Candle For Decoration Pillar,Ball Pillar Candle For Party,Yellow Flameless Pillar Candle

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