Designer LESIES was born in 1993, has been advocating light-style, focusing on decorative arts and sense of taste, designers will be European-style retro elements and modern fashion cleverly combined to create a sophisticated and classic design style . Moderate price, real wear strong but without loss of personality is LESIES has always been the design idea. Luxurious style and avant-garde style, pay attention to the original spirit of fashion design. Women wearing LESIES are independent, confident and elegant. Their pursuit of beauty has never been influenced by others or the outside world, passing their love and influence on fashion with its own aesthetic attitude.


LESIES Chongqing Nanping shop

Sky-high clouds over the weekend, pleasing color temperature.

Go out beautifully and enjoy seasonal gifts.

Rare pleasant holiday,

LESIES is greeting you with a "dream gesture"

In this season of birds and flowers -

Let's LOVE

Shop Address: Qinglong Road, Nan'an District, No. 94, No. 1 attached TDNT 2nd floor

Flatiron Curler

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