Dear, the breasts are the most beautiful part of every woman, underwear is the first layer of breast protection, suitable underwear breasts can warm care, while the wrong underwear will damage the health of breasts. Before choosing underwear must understand what type of breast, according to their own chest to choose the right underwear in order to give a woman the most beautiful parts with the most perfect care.


First, hemispherical chest

What is hemispherical chest?

Breast border was clearly spherical, supine can see the obvious breast curve.

Suitable for underwear: the bottom area of ​​the larger cup bra better

Reason: hemispherical thoracic breast meat softer, choose a full cup brassiere bra can be all included in the bra to prevent sagging breasts.

胸小是什么原因 卡诗贝尔告诉你

Pick lingerie key words

1, straps thicker, to avoid spaghetti straps too heavy to form a dent in the shoulder.

2, no mat or full cup, supporting the entire chest, feeling comfortable and stable.

Second, petite chest

What is petite chest?

The lower edge of the breast forms an angle of less than 90 with the chest wall. The downward curve formed by the breast is obvious, standing tall and slightly vertical.

Suitable for underwear: under the thick 3/4 cup underwear.

Reason: Petite chest women can use underwear to achieve the fullness of the illusion, which in turn has a more central effect or plus padded effect.

PS: pad can be used to make the chest rounded, or choose water underwear, to create a full and natural chest curve.

胸小是什么原因 卡诗贝尔告诉你

Pick lingerie key words

1, inside the cup plus rim, with a thicker lower liner.

2, "side of the bone" design, can help push both sides of the muscle on both sides of the cup, enhance fullness.

3, not suitable to wear full cup bra

Third, the flat chest

What is a flat chest?

Breast slightly uplift shaped like a dish, chest wall uplift gradually transition, the border is not obvious, no significant changes in the shape of the breast.

Suitable for underwear: 3/4 cup front buckle style is more appropriate.

Reason: the steel ring can focus on the binding force, can improve the external expansion of the chest state, it is recommended to choose 3/4 cup bra wearing a steel ring.

PS: If you do not like to wear a steel underwear, you can choose a soft steel ring or memory steel bra to wear, so Laron's chest cleavage, can make the breast appear larger.

Pick lingerie key words

1, compact and deep cup, thick cotton pad at the bottom, create a tall and straight peak of the milk.

2, choose the full cup bra, have the ability to set off your sagging chest.

3, not suitable for over-concentration bra.

Fourth, drooping chest

What is the drooping chest?

The length of the mammillary protrusion is greater, with the breast drooping in the form of a pouch while standing, with the breast drooping outward in the supine position.

Suitable for underwear: 3/4 cup front buckle style is more appropriate.

Reason: To choose a bra larger than usual, and try to use the steel ring and side bras have enhanced functionality.

PS: support from the bottom up, but be careful whether the width of the shoulder strap can be satisfactorily consistent with the weight entrusted, so that the position of the breast increased, and we should pay attention to the full breasts filled into the cup.

Pick lingerie key words

1, the outside has a solid seal, the lower edge of the wire style, to consolidate the supporting power.

2, all fit to wear: AB cup selection 3/4 cup brassiere, C cup cup cup bra above all choice.

3, not suitable for the lack of shoulder strap or strapless or 1/2 cup underwear.

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