Chinese jade carving has a long history and civilization. Its engraving theme is rich and colorful, and its content is very human and auspicious. It is one of the oldest sculptures in China. As long as you have a little understanding of Chinese traditional culture, the carved ornament is like a talking pet, telling you its meaning, you can enjoy the traditional culture and bring spiritual pleasure to you. This is the jade jewelry culture. The true meaning of the content. There is an old saying in the jade line that "the jade will have a work; the work will be intentional; the meaning will be auspicious." Auspicious shapes and traditional themes generally use borrowing, homophony, metaphor and the like to portray an auspicious content. If there is a bat on the bamboo, it means blessing, bamboo homophonic is "blessing", and bat is "blessing"; If the ginseng is engraved on the back, it means "everything is good", and the homonym is "sheng"; if there are plum blossoms and bamboo, it means (flowers and five blessings) and wish to report the five blessings. To learn more about traditional Chinese culture, you will have a broader understanding of jade styling. The current commons are briefly described as follows:
If you come: Buddha is the ancestor of Wanfo.
Guanyin: Guanyin compassion and universality are the embodiment of saving and suffering.
Laughing Buddha: Buddha can bless peace, meaning blessings (Buddha). Often taken from the big belly Maitreya style.
Zhong Rong: Legend has it that Zhong Hao can catch ghosts. The folks hang pictures of the bells in the house, and they can use the town house to ward off evil.
God of Wealth: God of Wealth is a fairy who brings wealth to the legend, wearing the emerald god of wealth, and the financial resources are rolling.
Shou Xinggong: Shouxinggong is the Antarctic fairy; one of Fu, Lu and Shou Samsung. Emerald Shouxing sent the elderly, wishing the elderly a long and healthy life.
Eight Immortals: namely Zhang Guolao, Lu Dongbin, Han Xiangzi, He Xiangu, Li Tiezhuo, Han Zhongli, Cao Guozhen, Lan Caihe.
Monk: Two monks implied ** two immortals or ** two holy. The cloth bag monk is Maitreya Buddha.
Fisherman: It is a legendary fisherman who is fishing. Every time he goes to the net, he has a bumper harvest. Wearing a jade fisherman, the business is booming and profitable.
Boy: The boy is innocent and lively, cute; there are children who send money, happy boys, and Kirin to send the boy.
Liu Hai: Together with the copper coins or sputum, it means the Liu Hai opera or the fairy tales.
Wishful: If you want, like the meaning of people, the most common pattern in jade carving, wear everything, and think about it.
Bergamot: It is a fruit name commonly known as a bergamot, and it is a fortune to make a fortune. The meaning of homophonic life.
Ancient money: The money word is homophonic with the former word, the money is round, and there is a hole in the middle, which means “before the eyes”. It means that getting rich and getting rich is right in front of you.
磬: Meaning festive.
Counting money: Commonly used mouse and copper coins together to represent the shape.
Aquarius: or vase, meaning peace. Together with 鹌鹑 and Ruyi, it means peace and happiness. Together with the bell, it means the peace of all beings.
Kite: It means that the blue sky is straight or the spring breeze is proud.
Boat: Wearing a jade jade boat, it means that the cause is smooth and smooth, and it can be profitable.
Clothes buckle: One of the most common jade ornaments, a safe jade buckle, wishing good people a lifetime of peace.
Long life lock: I wish the child peace and wisdom; and the jade jade lock can better reflect this beautiful wish.
Gossip: Gossip has a good fortune, knows the function of Vientiane, and folks often use it to avoid evil. Wearing emerald gossip can ward off evil.
Key: The key is the same as the hour, and it works instantly. Wearing a jade jade spoon means that you can turn good luck.
Pingan buckle: Ping An An.
Road pass: All roads are smooth.
Shouzi: Express or congratulate the meaning of longevity. If you extend the word of life, longevity; if you use the word as a circle, it will be a long and long life.
Blessing: It means that the blessing is complete, the so-called blessings, namely, Fu, Lu, Shou, Xi, and Cai.
Hi word: indicates the meaning of joy, double happiness for the wedding, indicating good things in pairs.
Month: Wear moon patterns and jade to help you achieve your wishes.
卍: Wu Zetian in the Tang Dynasty defined it as a four-character, regarded as auspicious, clean, and complete, and was later used to represent the symbol of Buddhism.
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Rat: Smart and clever, benevolent and optimistic, with a money pattern, a money rat, a rat who symbolizes wealth and wealth.
Cattle: Industriously getting rich, buying stocks has the meaning of a bull market, and people who participate can make money.
Tiger: The metaphor is fierce and powerful, showing a strength.
Rabbit: a favorite animal, gentle and beautiful;
Dragon: It is the god of animals. It can make clouds and rain, and benefit all things. It is a symbol of wearing a dragon pendant: it benefits people in the wind and is also a person.
Snake: On behalf of Xiaolong, wearing a wind can benefit from the wind and have the virtue of a gentleman.
Ma: The meaning is, immediately make a fortune, and the horse will be successful. Immediately seal the Hou, and immediately be safe (I will meet the paper-free pen immediately, and report the peace with the Jun.)
Sheep: Because of the homonym of the sheep and Xianghe, it means auspiciousness and Sanyang Kaitai, the symbol of Jiyun.
Monkey: Clever, it is also the meaning of Feng Hou (monkey).
Chicken: Because of the homonym of the chicken and the kiln, it means the good luck; the golden pheasant is the meaning of the future.
Dog: A statement of being agile, loyal, having a lucky dog, a rich dog, and a happy dog.
Pig: The meaning of the step by step is high, the title of the gold medal; because the title of the ancient gold medal is written with the red Zhu (pig) pen, and the hoof and the title are homophonic.
Feng: The incarnation of Xiangrui, together with the sun phoenix, symbolizes the dawn of the phoenix.
蝉: Living on a high tree, and eating clean dew, the sound is loud. Using 蝉 to represent the gentleman is far-sighted and screaming.
Bear: Together with the eagle, it means heroic fighting spirit.

Source: Xinjiang Hetian jade network.

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