The end of the season is a banquet, how to wear a different range of fashion children become the top priority for women. VOINGE brand women's choice of functional high-grade fabrics, simple style, details of diverse, sophisticated craftsmanship and excellent brand combination, the subtleties of women's elegant and elegant extraordinary temperament. This winter launch of the black banquet equipment, the classic color distribution of a strong sense of sexy and ambiguous, to create the audience's attention.


Tube top dress in the evening dress which is always the most sexy expression, black sequins and hollow lace three clever overexertment, highlight slender legs, mix and match sexy and charming temperament, the successful eye-catching.

VOINGE黑色宴会长裙 打造全场瞩目的焦点

Fashionable atmosphere around the neck skirt highlights the sexy little incense shoulder, dotted rhinestone decoration to break the black silence, exaggerated irregular elegant hem, to create a fairy-like Smart breath, but also highlights the petite upper body.

Taffeta Fabric is a kind of polyester thin fabric, polyester tafe after dyeing, printing, embossing, coating and other processing, so that it has the quality of light, durable, easy to wash, cheap and fine, has been used as all kinds of clothing and bags lining accessories. Feel smooth, not stick to the hand, full of elasticity, bright and dazzling, bright color, not easy to wrinkle, shrinkage less than 5%. Polyester taffeta is suitable for jacket, down jacket, umbrella, car cover, sportswear, handbag, suitcase, sleeping bag, tent, artificial flowers, shower curtain, tablecloth, chair cover and various high-grade clothing lining.

Taffeta Fabric

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