Marisfrolg women's wear European fashion elements, adhering to the classic, elegant costumes concept, clever use of color with natural and tailored to show the simplicity of women, gentle features. Its unique "mature fashion in the distribution of youthful charm, elegant atmosphere," attracting more and more advocating the perfect modern woman.

玛丝菲尔 - Marisfrolg

Classic suit long coat, classic colors with atmospheric cut allows you to transform the temperament Queen, with a wide-leg pants trumpets, wear a strong aura, charm out of the street, not eye-catching will not work Oh.

Marisfrolg品牌女装 必备单品教你变身气质女王

Slim sweater with good flexibility to meet the different size of the wearer, within the print dress, to create intellectual and elegant atmosphere of the Icon, high waist design elongated lower body lines, let you become a supermodel body.

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