This site on December 9 hearing, sweatshirts can easily be more light and thin than the sweater more fashionable and younger, in the autumn and winter coats to choose a single product, the sweatshirt can easily complete all your requests. Editor's choice of 8 autumn and winter sweatshirts to meet the men's dress models who do not want to wear sweaters!

Givenchy2013 autumn and winter new products are still hot dog head pattern applied to a variety of single products, this sweatshirt is no exception, the color is suitable for autumn and winter, the pattern is gorgeous. Single wear and inner wear are the focus of fashion.

The biggest highlight of this jersey is the leather stitching design of the shoulders, and the jersey has a more intense outline. The zipper at the chest is also a nice detail. These details are full of texture and design, so that this dress has a strong solid wear and fashion.

Alexander McQueen's signature asymmetrical strap prints give this simple jersey a one-second design and style.

This dark green tone is actually very difficult to deal with, but Kolor uses fluorescent yellow as a design embellishment, the overall color balance is a good balance of the thick sense of dark green. The design of the green collar made this sweatshirt rare, keeping it warm and adding a sense of design.

Contrast is a simple and effective means of attracting eyebrows. However, the design of color blocks is sophisticated. The simple outline and the sophisticated hit color make this sweatshirt easy to have a sense of design and fashion. The addition of a small gray color balances the monotonous and conflicting feeling of the black and white color blocks.

This jersey has used the most recent red, black and blue plaid, the size of the scattered plaid design and simple and smooth outline of the clothes to complete its real wear and fashion functions.

Versus used black-and-white monochrome, boldly loaded with rebellious, rock, cool handsome geometric prints to the entire dress, which is also a highlight of Versus this season. Put on this fun, dazzling printed sweatshirt, the highlights of the crowd must not be yours.

The sense of darkness and romantic street art was just given to Givenchy. The combination of baseball and hoes is ghostly and full of temptation. The loose version is also very easy to wear. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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