Men's business casual shoes purchase and maintenance points Business casual shoes are more fashionable in design. Like the more popular European and American styles recently, there are also many brands that launch new products in this style. A pair of suitable business casual shoes can bring out the taste and charm of a man, and show the high pursuit of the quality of life for successful men. Overall, there are three important points to note when choosing men's business casual shoes.

Men's business casual shoes purchase points:

First of all, business leather shoes generally choose black and brown colors, do not have any color like casual shoes, so it seems very serious and not formal.

Second, a man who needs to wear a suit to enter a formal occasion must have at least two pairs of black dress shoes, one of which is a tie, such as a “three-joint” or “two-joint” men's shoe, and the other can be Without shoes. Lacing shoes are more serious than strapless, depending on where you are attending. Black leather shoes match any dark suit, making you comfortable on many occasions.

In addition, there should be a pair of brown dress shoes, it is not only with the light color of the West, but also with casual clothing is also active.

Men's business casual shoes maintenance knowledge:

1. Avoid contact with sharps chemicals;

2. Casual shoes and sandals are not suitable for intense sports;

3. Maintain more than two pairs of replaceable shoes so that the shoes take turns resting;

4. To buy a proper shoe maintenance and use instructions;

5. After the upper is dirty, gently wipe with a soft cotton cloth, water or detergent. And let the shoes dry. After the upper has been wet, the shoes should be placed in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight or high-temperature baking, so as not to cause aging, deformation fade;

6. Fabric shoes can be sprayed regularly with waterproof, anti-fouling sprays to keep the upper. Prevent sand from seeping inside.

Sports and leisure shoes must be dedicated to special shoes. Some shoes are casual shoes and should not be used for intense sports. Avoid: use a brush to wipe the upper; use of poor quality shoe polish, often soaked in poor quality shoe polish, exposure, fire roasted, will make the shoes deformation, mesh fracture and open plastic. As long as the heart of sports shoes is very easy to maintain up.

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