Daiyulan, a franchisee from Liuyang, Hunan, used to be a shopping guide in Liuyang Tongdao Shopping Mall. By the end of 2011, by chance, my colleague Gu Yulan came into contact with the Kangaroo brand. With the initial idea of ​​establishing a business as a kangaroo franchisee, We carefully understand the company get goods discount and policy, came back to discuss a few days, I feel that discount is not high, the company supports the policy is also very good, and later went to Zhuzhou office showroom looked at the goods, that the product is very cost-effective High, and the company discussed in detail the conditions for cooperation, I feel a good opportunity, so formally joined the kangaroo, so step by step toward their own business, "no return" ... just started to do when the mall is on sale Form to us to do sales, we are very worried about the beginning, there is no new props and image sales do not know what will happen? Later I realized that these concerns are superfluous. Due to the high popularity of the kangaroo brand and catch up with the winter sales peak in December, we were in a good deal in the market and the sales were getting better day by day. In the case of sales are good every day, the supply of goods in short supply. The company knows that we are in such a situation, without any hesitation, the best-selling goods out of the company's direct sales stores, timely distribution to our shop. In the winter of 2011, what kind of goods would we be able to sell under the favorable conditions of the day and the weather? Although hard work during that time, I went home tired every night, but my mood was particularly good because my career started to climb up and my life was a major turning point. Due to our outstanding sales performance, the mall finally gave us the chance to stay in the mall. From opening to the present, we have been in the shopping mall sales performance has been fine, I and Gu Yulan insisted their own station store, the shop as their own children Careful care. Very pleased to get this excellent store award, very touched, this is a Kangaroo company leaders on our shop in the past year, a positive work, thank you for the leadership of our company to our support and care! Award is not the real purpose, but a Motivation, an honor, as long as everyone is willing to work hard, I believe each shop can be awarded. Time flies, kangaroo almost two years, looking back and the road through the storm with kangaroos, sense of thousands: never forget the sweat and tears on the road; forget the hard work and hard work. Pay is a reward, kangaroo gradually brilliant today, our store sales are also growing, which gives us more confidence to do kangaroo better! I hereby on behalf of Liuyang all the staff to thank the company and other colleagues in our store has been Of the support and help, it is with your selfless support and help, our work can be successfully carried out, sales performance can be improved. Sales continue to rise, is our store for the purpose of hard work, I believe this is the wish of all the people here! In the next 2014, we will redouble our efforts and strive to complete the company's mandate, in order to win another better award. I am proud of myself choosing to be a kangaroo. I also hope that all kangaroo dealers face the opportunities and challenges of the future and work with confidence and hope that the kangaroo will be better tomorrow!

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