Since sweet candy color has been popular and sought after by consumers, from hats, scarves to shirts, pants, shoes, or in bags, nails, can be linked with the candy color, candy color nowhere Absent, widespread in the apparel industry. When you are a leader in today, where there is a single product is candy color, then your fire head rate is much higher than the other colors, in the end what the magic candy color so bloody, you can only wear on the body Oh experience.

艾米塔 - AMINTA

Amita - AMINTA Women

Most people think winter wear brightly colored clothes too conspicuous, always resorting to the whimsical behind the city, in fact, not the case, with appropriate moderation, provoked envy jealous hate. This stitching wool coat and leather sleeves stitching, with a short embroidery embroidery shirt, candy color tight pants is not a bright spot?


Amita - AMINTA Women

Nearly pure nude color with the lightest fabric to show the charm of urban women and curves, this shirt is a combination of simple design models with a white backing vest, clear fabric is the key point, it can Completely reveal your emotions. Light yellow candy-colored Slim pants show a pair of peerless legs, people marvel at your golden ratio.

Pillar candles, just as its name implies is like cylindrical type of candle.Is a style of Craft candles.Pillar candle is a common candle, more popular in western countries.In Europe,every family, whenever festivals, will be at home burn Pillar Candle .Because its burning time is long, usually a few hours, and usually have fragrance, lit the whole room is full of fragrance.In addition to the pillar candles,there are also White Candle , Taper Candle ,Spiral Candle,Decorative Candles.

Household Candles

Household Candles,Unscented Household Candle,Household Lighting Candle,White Candle,Taper Candle,Spiral Candle,Decorative Candles