What should I pay attention to when wearing a quilt?

Sun quilt is a common thing in life. It is often used to get rid of quilts and to be tidal, insect-proof, and soft. But people often make the following mistakes in this small matter.
1. The time for drying the quilt is long and the number of times is high. The quilt is not dried as long as possible. Generally, it is best to dry for two or three hours between 11 am and 2 pm. In winter, cotton quilts are exposed to sunlight for three or four hours, and cotton fibers reach a certain degree of expansion. If the drying time is long and the number of times is large, the fibers of the quilt will shorten and fall off easily. Down and wool are not exposed to the sun. High temperatures can change the oil in the down and wool to produce a rancid smell. These quilts can be aired for 1 hour in a ventilated place. If it is a synthetic quilt, it can be done in the sun for an hour or two.
2. The quilt is not outside. If the quilt is made of chemical fiber fabric, cover the quilt with a thin cloth. When wool quilts and duvets are exposed to the outside, they also need to be covered with a layer of cloth.
3. Tap and dust when drying the quilt. Cotton fibers are thick and short and fragile. The synthetic quilt synthetic fiber is generally thin and long, and is relatively easy to deform. Once the fiber is slapped, the fiber will not be reduced and become a piece of the knot. In fact, it is enough to use a broom to sweep the dust when drying the quilt.

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