Has a strong emotional color, with aristocratic pride and confidence, "Geoff" brand men to men is particularly different from the popular. It uses a strong color tone, with high-end sweaters as a foil, so that color to speak, so that costumes to express themselves. Men in the "Geoff" brand men's care seems extravagant irresistible. Straight suit, so that the man looks elegant and generous is the "JEFF" brand men's suit design concept. Men love the straight line and delicate in the "Geoff" brand men enjoy embodiment. Straight suit, generous and romantic little pointed collar, so that men look delicate. Lined with a black bow, lined with a snow white shirt, the palace of the noble and the atmosphere will be displayed. Can also be accompanied by a collar, on top of the bottom sweater, so that the collar pattern to elaborate on the man's infinite tenderness. Suit color is not static dull black, but dark red reveals dark red. Dark red so that the man's momentum is well demonstrated. Relaxed clothes, giving a pleasant feeling. Let casual clothes burning sweetheart is the "Geoff" brand men's humanity show. Dark brown clothes have a strong taste of ripe blue. Inside the high-grade sweater calm, so that the glory of the sweater and casual wear bright co-interpretation of men's noble irresistible temperament. Do not forget the sincere expression of emotion, "Geoff" brand men have a soft spot for intense coffee. Plaid strands of men in the body, showing the delicate feelings of men. In the collar accompanied by the same thick passionate tie, so that the color of the tie to the man's face bright, appear healthy and moist.

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