Cold wind bleak, but also a year when the winter comes. Winter in the north, cold, dry, polyester acrylic fiber colored clothes in the body wanton friction, bring out the static crackling. "Dins background " brand women , linen, cotton-based, easy to prevent static electricity phenomenon, for the protection of urban women's high quality of life, warm and beautiful, so simple.

底色 - Dins

Classic black and white with a matching, self-cultivation cheongsam collar without buckle white cotton cardigan, "Dins background" brand women's classical Chinese elements into the modern Clothing, and then with a black Sling, the performance of women's gentle atmosphere, but also women Of the soft lines fully demonstrated; dark gray cotton-linen skirt with a black belt, not only improve the waist line with some small handsome, full of simple atmosphere and rate.

冬季如何防静电 底色女装棉麻材质更健康

Cold winter, in addition to the need for beauty, but also keep warm. "Dins background" brand women's European Van dark gray cotton long coat, A-shaped cut, compact shoulders, fit the chest, loose waist, skirt hip legs, showing the unique temperament of women At the same time bring you comfort.

冬季如何防静电 底色女装棉麻材质更健康

Black and white, eternal classic color, always active fashion color. The background of the cotton pad of natural and ultimately the solid white snow. High stand collar in the cold to protect your delicate neck, oblique pocket in the thick padded under the protection of your delicate hands, the middle of the placket protruding snap is practical and decorative excellent design A look at your unique. European design, unique tailoring, quality cotton and linen. "Dins background" brand women, with beautiful women into the natural and comfortable life, comfortable woman, personality woman, temperament woman, quality woman.

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