When a jade is completely finished, do you know how many processes it has gone through? First of all, it has to sleep in the ground for thousands of years, and then it is mined by people, transported from the mine to the processing stone, carved by the engraver using various tools, transported to the market, changed hands, and finally purchased by you, become it Master. Today, Xiaobian tells you about the small part of the many "experiences" of jade - polishing and polishing.


Specifically, the polishing and polishing process can be further divided into: grinding, covering, washing, waxing, and wiping.

Grinding: Also called “de-roughing”, there is a rubber mill to polish the surface of the semi-finished jade to a smoother and more delicate finish.

The cover is bright: polished with polishing powder, the polishing powder is mostly red powder (iron oxide powder), green powder (chromium oxide powder) and natural diamond powder. Mix the polishing powder with water and oil juice to make a solution, apply it on a soft material, and then slowly rub against the surface of the jade. In the end, the jade will get a brilliant shine.

Wash: Clean the jade that is lit up.

Wax: Apply paraffin to the hot jade. After cooling, clean it with a cloth, or immerse the jade in a paraffin solution to achieve the same effect. The advantage of waxing is that the jade is more moist and even, and it can also protect the jade from being damaged.

Polishing can be said to be very magical, it makes the jade have a smooth and beautiful beauty. Although the jade manufacturing process is becoming more and more technological, but for polishing, it is still the most engraved workmanship, and the quality of the jade that is polished and polished for a long time is better.

Well, the above is some of the procedures that Xiaobian compiled for friends about how to polish jade. I hope that friends can grow new knowledge after watching!




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